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In October 15, 2014 to invest 10 million yuan in Nanjing Zhongshan science and technology park set up Jiangsu gernert connection system Co. ltd.;July 2015 selected Nanjing leading technology entrepreneurial talent introduction program;December 7, 2015 enterprise standard "Q/GNT01-2015 pressurized equipment with push nut assembly" passed the national boiler pressure vessel Standardization Technical Committee review.
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Product name: Push nut (GMN)
Product features: Structure and principleThe top nut assembly consists of round nuts and several top screws and a hard pad, which can be used directly to replace the traditional standard six angle nut. Screw it on the bolt, stud or threaded rod, shaft, the main screw bolt / stud nut placed on the hard flat pad. After the round nut is in place, the actual tightening of the bolt / stud will tighten the top screws around the main thread by the hand tool.(1)By tightening the jackbolts,a strong thrust(axial)force is generated.This thrust force is directed against a hardened washer.Jackbolts against a hardened washer.Jackbolts have a smallfriction diameter and can therefore create a high thrust force with relatively little torqut input.(2)The loads are transferred through the nut body which is postitioned on the main thread by hand.(3)A hardened washer is used to transfer the force while protecting the flange face.(4)The thrust(axial)force of many jackbolts and the opposite reaction force of the main bolt hea...
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Description: Site installation diagram of combined reactor of Yangzi aromatics plant
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