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Push nut

Date of listing: 2016-12-09

Push nut

Push nut assembly of GMN pressure equipment

Applicable to nominal pressure greater than 100MPa pressure equipment (boilers, pressure vessels, pressure pipes) flange bolt connection.

Suitable for bolt nominal diameter M24-M160 products.

Attention to use selection

Push nut assembly material should comply with the "solid volume gauge", GB150, GB151, GB4723 and other relevant provisions

The nominal pre tightening force of the push nut assembly shall conform to Q/GNT001-2015 "push nut assembly for pressure bearing equipment"

The nominal torque of the push nut shall conform to Q/GNT001-2015 "push nut assembly for pressure bearing equipment"

The installation and application of push nut assembly should strictly follow the product specification.

The operating torque of the push nut assembly is determined by the professional and technical personnel according to the actual working condition.

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2016 - 08 - 16
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