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GMN-T push nut assembly

Date of listing: 2016-12-13

GMN-T push nut assembly

GMN-T top preloaded nut

Suitable for general mechanical equipment requires higher bolt connection

Suitable for large specification and high strength bolt connection

Suitable for pre confined space

Application selection considerations

GMN-T push preload nut should comply with Q/320116GNT 002-2016 "pre push preload fasteners"

GMN-T pre push preload nut installation should be strictly enforced product instructions.

GMN-T pre tightening nut operating torque should be based on actual conditions have professional and technical personnel to determine.

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2013 - 11 - 29
Structure and principleThe top nut assembly consists of round nuts and several top screws and a hard pad, which can be used directly to replace the traditional standard six angle nut. Screw it on the bolt, stud or threaded rod, shaft, the main screw bolt / stud nut placed on the hard flat pad. After the round nut is in place, the actual tightening of the bolt / stud will tighten the top screws aro...
2016 - 08 - 16
2016 - 08 - 16
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