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partsImproved installation and disassembly with accessories and consumables for top stack nut assemblies. They enhance product installation and removal, thereby protecting your investment in safety bolt connections. We can offer:LubricantProtective capSocket headTorque wrenchPneumatic wrench
Quality and managementQuality policy: compliance legal customer satisfactionProcess control: raw materials selection of specific steel smelting, chemical composition, mechanical properties meet the standard requirements. Round nut after forging, heat treatment, nondestructive testing qualified after processing. The manufacturing process is strictly in accordance with the pressure piping components manufacturing conditions and requirements.Traceability: each product has a production number only, the whole process traceability of raw materials, chemical composition, smelting furnace, incoming inspection, forging, heat treatment, NDT, machining, surface treatment, identification marking, product testing, packaging and delivery, installation and use of all aspects. Product files according to &...
We can design and calculate the dimensions and loads of bolted joints for you to evaluate the current tightening method and calculate the bolt preload for the reliability and durability of the joint.Large and accurate preload loads allow the design of smaller bolt sizes, compact dimensions can reduce machine size, reduce material and processing costs.• pure tensioning screws can produce higher preload loads on the same bolts.• higher preload capacity ensures that bolt joints are not unexpectedly loose. Shorten expensive equipment maintenance cycle.• controllable, accurate, consistent bolt preload to reduce leakage or adjacent fastener load inhomogeneity.• the maximum stress of the first bolt is reduced by 50%, which increases the fatigue life of the bolt connection.• extra elasticity of th...
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